Youth in Volunteerism

Ashley Felix, a 15 year old youth from Kenilworth attended the program presented by the Volunteer Centre commemorating Volunteers Week, 1 – 7 June 2008 with the theme “Youth in Volunteerism”. The week started off with an Information Hour with fun filled entertainment such as hip hop, singing and poetry as a means to create awareness to youth about volunteering and it’s benefits to the community. “I read about the Volunteer Centre for the first time in a local newspaper and wanted to check it out as it sounded like fun.” says Ashley. It was the first time he had heard about the Volunteer Centre.  This was an opportunity to learn more about volunteering, he thought. At that time Ashley really felt that he wanted to do something meaningful in his spare time and Volunteer Centre had created that opportunity.  “When I came to the Volunteer Centre, I received a warm welcome as I entered the building. I didn’t expect that it would be mostly ladies working at the centre.” he chuckles.  “During Volunteer Week 2008, I made lots of friends, who were also youth volunteering at various organizations. I enjoyed the tasks we did at St Anne’s Homes in Woodstock, Rosedon House and Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Rondebosch. And it was great to end off the week by receiving a certificate at Living Hope’s site in Capricorn on the Saturday.” says Ashley. Some of the tasks that Ashley and the team of youth volunteers did for the week, was helping with preparing meals at Rosedon House. “My supervisor, Aunty Cynthia was a friendly lady and showed us how to do a good job in preparing meals for the residents at Rosedon House.” he says with a smile. Rosedon House houses residents of all ages with cerebral palsy. “At St Anne’s Homes our team of volunteers helped with clearing the garden and beautifying the play area for the children. I especially liked the party that Zieta and the staff arranged for us in celebrating Volunteers Week. It was great!” he continues. St Anne’s Homes is a place where mothers and children live as a place of shelter and refuge.  Each youth volunteer, whom had committed to volunteer during Volunteers Week 2008, received a certificate of appreciation as they finished off their last volunteer task at Living Hope at a site in Capricorn. Since Volunteers Week 2008, Ashley has been a very committed young volunteer at the Volunteer Centre. One of his tasks is to help distribute flyers and posters for our events. We are very proud of Ashley for his commitment to volunteering, especially since youth rarely commit their time to volunteering. Ashley encourages youth with these words “I would encourage young people to volunteer because you can meet new friends and you could learn something new. I found volunteering to be one of my positive experiences.”  Ashley has dreams of becoming an engineer or a plumber and he knows that he has to work hard to reach those dreams.  “I will reach my dreams one day, but for now it’s good to know that I can do something good for other people by volunteering.” For more information on volunteering please contact Phamela Dwangu at (021) 674 5338 office hours.