Youth Exchange Programmes

Volunteer Centre Cape Town
in partnership with
Canada World Youth
Intercultural Youth Exchange Programs 2012-2013

(Celebrating 9 years of Intercultural Volunteer Youth Exchange)

Volunteer Centre in partnership with Canada World Youth are yet again hosting 6 month youth group exchange programs. This year Volunteer Centre are recruiting young people to participate in 2 exciting intercultural youth exchange programmes between South Africa and Canada.

A Once in a Life time Experience!

We proudly present young community volunteers with the opportunity to travel and participate in intercultural youth volunteer exchange programs. Which will take place between September 2012 and February 2013.  

What does this involve?

We are currently recruiting 30 South African young people  -  requirements are:

  • Young people who are proved their commitment to volunteering through involvement in either - community projects, sports or schools activities, arts or drama programmes.
  • Three references who can confirm community involvement
  • In possession of a valid SA ID Document
  • In possession of a valid Passport – or produce a receipt that passport has been applied for.
  • Able to apply for a SA valid Police Clearance
  • Aged between 18 - 24 yrs
  • Willing to commit 9 months (3 months of which are preparation and orientation) to a very challenging but rewarding exchange program
  • Willing to volunteer for at least 1 month at an NGO/ community project in their home community before and after the progamme. 
  • Able to organize the Administration Fee of R2100 per person – prior to programme commencement.

How is the program structured?

Each team is accompanied by 2 Project Supervisors/Youth Workers - one from SA and the other from Canada. Each volunteer will have a partner/counterpart from the other country.
This counterpart pair will live and work together for the duration of the programme.

The Program has been designed to prepare youth for the exchange through the pre-departure Orientation which enables the youth to spend 3 months in each country, i.e. Canada and South Africa. The exchange phase is a period of 6 months where youth will experience a new culture & will be learning new skills.

Host Community

SOUTH-NORTH Programmes (Canada & South Africa)

The Volunteer Centre, as hosting partner to the South African phase has selected Athlone & Khayelitsha as the host community for 2012/2013. The Canadian volunteers will arrive in South Africa at the beginning of September and join their South African counterparts and live in either Athlone or Khayelitsha until end November when the South Africans and Canadians will travel together to Canada for the second phase of the programme.
Canada World Youth will select host communities in Canada where the team of youth will live, volunteer and participate in community activities from December 2012 to February 2013.

Host Family

In each phase the team lives in with a local host family in same sex counterpart pairs. The youth will share accommodation, meals and the day-to-day family chores and responsibilities. Host families play a vital role in the intercultural experience of the participants. 

Community Volunteering 

Volunteer Work Placements

The participants will be volunteering for 4 days per week at various NGO’s or community projects in the host communities. This opportunity to share and learn skills are an important component of this exchange programme.

Personal Development

  • Educational Activity Days (EAD) provide the team with a weekly opportunity to share their experiences and learning with each other in a fun, interactive manner.
  • Community involvement and activities include regular campaigns, workshops, events, sports days, clean up campaigns – where the team will work alongside local volunteers to raise awareness around local community issues which impact young people, i.e. drug abuse, domestic violence, HIV Aids.

More Info?

We would love you to identify local youth volunteers – who show potential and who you think will benefit from the youth exchange opportunity. We are working on tight deadlines and would love to receive all application forms by 23th April 2012.  

Please note that an Administration fee of R2100.00 is payable upon successful application.          (Application Form)

If you need more information, please call. 

Susan Wamatu@ (021) 674 5338 or email