Volunteer Opportunities

Why Become a Volunteer?

Volunteering is the commitment of time and energy - in an activity that involves spending time, without financial reward, doing something that aims to benefit the community, the environment or individuals outside one's immediate family.

As you can see from the definition, volunteers can do almost anything! From helping elderly neighbours with their shopping, to providing legal advice for a local charity, volunteers make a vital contribution to all aspects of community life.

Many people see volunteering as an opportunity to “give back to society” and do something they feel passionate about. At the heart of volunteering is the willingness and ability of citizens to give freely of their time out of a sense of solidarity and responsibility without financial gain. It can also empower volunteers and give them the chance to travel, meet new people and accumulate life and career enhancing experiences and skills.

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Who Is A Volunteer?

A person

  • Who gives his/her Services without any express or implied promise of remuneration.

A person with ….

  • High sense of commitment
  • Great sense of compassion
  • community spirit to give self to others


  • Be protected against discrimination.
  • Be recognize as an individual with individual skills and talents
  • Be able to participate in an orientation process
  • Be challenged and provided with opportunities for growth by having their work performance regularly appraised.


  • To be clear and honest about how much commitment and time a volunteer can give.
  • To be reliable and arrive on time
  • To let the organization know if a volunteer cannot carry out duties.

Please contact Natasha for details on volunteering opportunities at (021) 674 5338 (o/h)