Volunteer Centre Training Department

Volunteer Centre has a rich history of equipping organisations with skills to manage Volunteer Programs. Training courses and workshops has therefore become one of the most effective ways in empowering organisations and building capacity. For the past decade Volunteer Centre's Training component has grown from strength to strength and in 2008, the Training Department has taken shape through research and evaluation on course content. Volunteer Centre is proud to present much needed training courses such as Office Volunteer Training, Effective Volunteer Management and Volunteer Programme Development and Management training. Our schedule for 2010 can be viewed on our website under Calendar menu.

The Training Department has developed into a unit rich in expertise and experience in the field of volunteering.  Our services extends to Customised Training and On-site Consultations to organisations.

For more information on training and customised service please contact Julianne Rodgers @ (021) 674 5338