Volunteer Centre celebrates 30 Years of Volunteering

This year Volunteer Centre celebrates 30 years of Volunteering.  We take the time to reflect on our humble beginnings and take stock of countless achievements and milestones we’ve reached in the past 30 years. We could not have done this without the diligent support of volunteers and the volunteer sector.   2009 also marks a 5 year milestone that the Volunteer Centre has reached in hosting intercultural exchange programs with a number of countries namely Mozambique, Canada, UK, Germany, Poland, Finland to name a few.

Volunteerism empowers people, contributes to building solidarity, encourages participation and ownership, creates networks of reciprocity and re-enforces a sense of collective responsibility.  Achieving sustainable socio-economic development depends not only on government but also the synergies between civil society, the private sector and the many individuals who engage in voluntary action. Volunteerism is central to and forms part of the culture and heritage of all nations.  Volunteerism re-enforces a sense of collective responsibility and brings about a tangible difference to the lives of many and self-fulfilment to the individual volunteer.

 We look forward to another 30 years of Volunteering with you!