Trip to Exchange Country and Impressions

My reasons for me to come here was that I wanted to learn
more about the environment, as were I come from, the environment is not a big
thing. As well, no one really cares about it so I thought it would be great if
I could join the program. I could
then get people to be more aware about environmental issues, therefore could
make a difference in my township or even country. For
me, traveling to a country that I’ve never even seen on TV was so much fun.
When I came to Canada,
I was expecting to see a lot of snow and unfriendly people. I was wrong, the
people were very friendly and the weather was fantastic. At first, I was quiet
as I could see the Canadians were not open when we were around and I personally
think that they were scared of us.
 What I think is that they were not
expecting to see such a wide variety of diverse cultures. I also think that
they were expecting us to wear pieces of cloth around us.

As time
went by, we all got used to each others company and now I can say we are one
big family. We all trust each other and we do have our ups and downs just like
any other family. I have to say that “First Impressions
Does Not Count”.


by: Vuyokazi Mayekiso(Vicky)

From:South Africa