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YLA program - Youth Exchange Program

“We are the change we have been waiting for”.  Barrack Obama

Since 2004 Volunteer Centre in partnership with Canada World Youth has been hosting a 6 month intercultural exchange program. Each year the program recruits youth between the ages of 18 – 24 years old from different parts of South Africa. In the past, we have had intercultural exchange program usually happens between;
1. South Africa and Canada
2. South Africa and Mozambique
3. South Africa and Tanzania (with a mixture of Kenya youth)
4. South Africa and Ghana

Youth Exchange Programmes

Volunteer Centre Cape Town
in partnership with
Canada World Youth
Intercultural Youth Exchange Programs 2012-2013

(Celebrating 9 years of Intercultural Volunteer Youth Exchange)

Volunteer Centre in partnership with Canada World Youth are yet again hosting 6 month youth group exchange programs. This year Volunteer Centre are recruiting young people to participate in 2 exciting intercultural youth exchange programmes between South Africa and Canada.

Youth Day 2010: Where were YOU on 16 June 1976 ?

Volunteer Centre will be hosting Youth Leadership Debates on Wednesday 16th June – participants will include local young people and members of the community who will reminisce about their personal memories of June 16th 1976.   The discussions will be facilitated by local community leaders and will include the showing of a South African film which has become synonymous with the struggle and the role of youth during 1976.

Canada World Youth Calgary-Athlone Women's Exchange 2009-2010

Hello Everybody!

It's been a long time in coming, but it's finally here; our Newsletter from Calgary to our future families, friends and co-workers in Athlone!

30 Day Youth Volunteering Challenge at Durbanvillle Children's Home

                           My Month Of June

My first day at the children’s home was on the 1st of June, when I arrived there were so many faces and names to remember and the children were of different ages (0-18 years).

Environmental Issues!!!


How To Grow

1. With a trowel, dig a hole in the earth

2. Place the seed in the hole.

3. Replace the soil into the hole, while packing it firmly.

4. Water the soil until visibly. Water daily.

5. Enjoy fruits of labour

Trip to Exchange Country and Impressions

My reasons for me to come here was that I wanted to learn
more about the environment, as were I come from, the environment is not a big
thing. As well, no one really cares about it so I thought it would be great if
I could join the program. I could
then get people to be more aware about environmental issues, therefore could

My Host Family

On the first day of being on the Sunshine Coast
and meeting my host family, I just couldn’t wait to go home. I was nervous yet
happy. My whole family was there to pick up my counterpart and I. It was my
host granny, father, three sisters and brother.

First Impressions

 I came here with intentions, with a reason. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into, but I knew for a fact that  I will thoroughly enjoy myself.

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