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Did you know that volunteers have rights?

The right to:

   Be protected against discrimination.
   Be recognized and acknowledged as individuals, with 
      individual skills and talents. 
   Be provided with a safe and healthy workplace.
   Be able to participate in an orientation process and             
      training to enable them to carry out  their work.

Host family experience having volunteers in their home

By Jack and Alma Anslow, Canada

We both found the experience with the volunteers very beneficial especially the contact with our grandchildren. We had the opportunity to have many of the group at our house on several occasions, in most cases with other members of our family. We found Lebo a joy to have living with us. She was always willing to share her experiences in Sooke and the other contacts she had while she was here.

My volunteer experience in YLA exchange program 2012/2013

By Kate Reinhart

I am a 24 year old female from Canada, and grew up on a dairy farm. In the past six months of living in Bonnievale (South Africa) and Sooke (Canada). I don’t think that I have ever grown and learned so much as I did on this program. I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity, and can only hope that Volunteer Centre and Canada World Youth will continue to run programs such as these.

South Africa through the eyes of Canadian Students

Taken from letters of international volunteers from the Ottawa University in Canada…

Try everything you can; take public transport; even try third class on the train; go out for drinks after work; talk to everyone you meet; be yourself; have an amazing adventure; listen to the people of South Africa, they have incredible stories to tell and lastly – Your experience will only be as good as make it, you will get out what you put in.

Volunteering my life!

I first thought that volunteering was something you do when you have retired. And as my country is a welfare state, I didn’t really feel the need for volunteers in my community.

Volunteering In South Africa

About a year ago I was teacher training in a school in a little town in England, I was enjoying it but realised that it was not the career path for me just yet so I set about looking for a job.

Volunteer Centre celebrates 30 Years of Volunteering

This year Volunteer Centre celebrates 30 years of Volunteering.  We take the time to reflect on our humble beginnings and take stock of countless achievements and milestones we’ve reached in the past 30 years.

A token of thanks to our friends…

We may not always know how to say thank you to volunteers who tirelessly labour in their communities or to the organisations who provide essential services to many. 

Youth in Volunteerism

Ashley Felix, a 15 year old youth from Kenilworth attended the program presented by the Volunteer Centre commemorating Volunteers Week, 1 – 7 June 2008 with the theme “Youth in Volunteerism”. 

Host Family Experience

A volunteer shares her experience while she was living with Host Families during the programe. 

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