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Come and meet us !!

Volunteer Centre is a non profit organization which is based in Cape Town, South Africa but has developed strong National and International Partnership over the past 32 years.

The Vision of the organization is “Helping Build a Nation that Cares” – and we believe that local and international volunteers can make a huge contribution in volunteering their time and skills in projects across all sectors – which include Children, the Aged, Environmental projects and many other interesting volunteering opportunities.

Each month our organization welcomes young student volunteers from various parts of the world or travel to South Africa as part of their global educational experience  – to connect with local youth – to experience community based volunteering and a true intercultural experience.

Our Mission

To motivate and develop effective volunteering through consultation, training, information and placement services for the benefit of all.

How it all began

South Africa's first Volunteer Center (originally Voluntary Aid Bureau) started in Cape Town in 1979, as a project of the International Year of the Child. This office opened in 1980, first organised by volunteers. It soon became clear there was a great need for such a service. The Volunteer Center team includes a volunteer management committee, paid staff and many wonderful volunteers.

Link to the last Annual Report 2012.

Help us to maintain this incredible momentum of service in our community projects by contacting Volunteer Centre at :

Physical Address:   124, Belvedere Road, Claremont  
Telephone Number:  +27 21 674 5338

3-day Effective Volunteer Management Training Course



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Volunteer Centre was honoured to host the first Regional Learning Forum of partners of Canada World Youth. The event took place in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

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…..Welcomes a new Board and looks forward to a
year of exciting local and international programmes and partnerships…….

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The journey of a young Volunteer Centre's volunteer: from the community commitment to the experience abroad

Nikiwe is a 22 year old girl who since she was yery young has been dedicating her time by taking part in voluntering activities promoted by Volunteer Centre.
Her story is one of social commitment and learning developing between her country, South Africa, Canada and Iceland...

To read the interview to Nikiwe click here

Opening the doors of our houses to the world...

Boabab tree in SunsetYouth exchange and volunteering programmes run by Volunteer Centre offers the great opportunity to make young people both live meaningful volunteering experiences and exposure to numerous cultural backgrounds that are different and far from their own.
In order to guarantee the youth this chance, the Canada World Youth Exchange Programme ensures the young South African, Mozambican and Canadian participants be hosted by local families living in the country where the participants are doing the voluntary service.
During the three months stay in South Africa, the youth live with their host families, getting acquainted with the host communities customs' and habits' and exprience, day to day, South Africa's memories and flavours in the unformal context of a family.
On the other hand, local people get the chance to discover, in most of the cases for the first time, new and faraway countries through the participants’ eyes who often open there hearts to them disclosing their own fears, expectations and dreams..
The exchange occurring inside the houses is a two-way process and, at the end of the experience, both the young participants and the families feel changed and enriched.

To know more about the host families' experience click here

Heathcare gives elderly second chance

Eustatta Ernstzen gets up every day in her large room, makes her bed, reads her morning paper, then gets dressed and goes downstairs to share her time with other residents of the old age home, Heathcare, in Heathfield. She has a room to herself; she enjoys her independence despite being older than 80. Her son lives in America with his wife and children. Like many people, he left South Africa over the past decades in search of new opportunities. (read the whole article) 

By: Iara M Bua

Hundreds march in protest against domestic violence (25 August 2010)

In commemoration of Women’s Month, the Volunteer Centre hosted a march through the streets of Athlone, calling on people to stop domestic violence. About 100 people walked from Jan Smuts Avenue to the Bridgetown Community Centre, chanting slogans and holding up anti-violence posters. Children from the Young Sunrise BrassBand were among those who took part in the march. (read the whole article)

By: Iara M Bua

Volunteers abroad to self discovery

Iara M.Bua: “How do you feel about your 20 year old daughter going on a three months cultural exchange program to Canada? - I feel sad and glad”, asserts Helen Jonsen, mother of the Exchange volunteer Nicole Maclambo.  (read the whole story)

What are YOU doing to make a Difference ??

As South Africa welcomes the World to the FIFA World Cup 2010, the Volunteer Centre, based in Cape Town, will be sending out the Challenge :

“What are YOU doing to make a Difference ?? : Let’s Work – Let’s Play : Volunteer – its your Call”

We hope that YOU will support us in promoting this initiative.

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