Opening the doors of our houses to the world...

Boabab tree in SunsetYouth exchange and volunteering programmes run by Volunteer Centre offers the great opportunity to make young people both live meaningful volunteering experiences and exposure to numerous cultural backgrounds that are different and far from their own.
In order to guarantee the youth this chance, the Canada World Youth Exchange Programme ensures the young South African, Mozambican and Canadian participants be hosted by local families living in the country where the participants are doing the voluntary service.
During the three months stay in South Africa, the youth live with their host families, getting acquainted with the host communities customs' and habits' and exprience, day to day, South Africa's memories and flavours in the unformal context of a family.
On the other hand, local people get the chance to discover, in most of the cases for the first time, new and faraway countries through the participants’ eyes who often open there hearts to them disclosing their own fears, expectations and dreams..
The exchange occurring inside the houses is a two-way process and, at the end of the experience, both the young participants and the families feel changed and enriched.

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