My Host Family

On the first day of being on the Sunshine Coast
and meeting my host family, I just couldn’t wait to go home. I was nervous yet
happy. My whole family was there to pick up my counterpart and I. It was my
host granny, father, three sisters and brother. When we arrived at home, it was
time for dinner and we all sat around the dinner table. At that time, I was
more nervous than ever because it was my first time sitting around a table with
white people. What was so amazing to me was when
they all asked me questions about my country and about Africans living in the
jungle with animal skins wrapped around them. As we were talking around the
dinner table I couldn’t really answer their questions as we do not talk while
eating at the table back home.
 The next morning our granny took
us to the bus stop and when we came back from our tour around Sechelt she had
already prepared dinner for us.
The house was quite interesting
as it had everything someone can dream of. The first weekend we were all
invited to a party, I was uncomfortable as I was the only black person around
but the people were very generous and welcoming.
week later I felt at home because of my host family treated me as if I was
their own child. We started to connect, with the children as well. Like any family,
we had our ups and downs.

One of the ups was my host father’s girlfriend Christina; she’s an angel. She
helped me as much as she could and I really appreciate
her and my host family. Lots of love to them; may God Bless all of you.