Membership of the Volunteer Centre

Member organisations:

The Volunteer Centre has approximately 300 strong membership and affiliates database, consisting of NGO’s, community organizations and projects nationally. These are some of the sectors our members are from:
Education & Skills development; AIDS & Counselling; Disability & Children; Religious; Youth; Environmental Health; Recreation & Culture; Emergency Services; Animals etc.

Why become a member?

We offer the following services:

-1- Referral of Volunteers

• To help you make the perfect match, we have a volunteers database.

• We select volunteers that match your task description, and you will then interview and screen them to check suitability.

• We also assist organizations to recruit their own volunteers.

-2- Free Consultation

• We will visit your organization and advise you on setting up a volunteer programme or advise on improving an existing one.

-3- Training and Support

• We offer a training programme that will help you increase the capacity of your organization. When complete, you will be able to develop your organisation’s volunteer policy and increase your skills in Effective Volunteer Management.

• Our training workshops are tailor made for the requirements of your organization. We can train volunteer co-ordinators in-house or you may send one them to our workshops.

• Volunteer information talks are presented on basic concepts of volunteering.

You can download the application form here.