Interns exploring the world through Volunteering!

Just when you think that your studies are becoming a bit of a drag and all you want to do is just get done with your course work and start earning a living, your lecturer tells you that as part of your course you have to do 3 months of volunteering and the volunteering is to be done in another continent; but there was no regret when we decided on Africa and experienced South Africa because of Volunteer Centre.

Volunteer Center has been hosting international volunteers for a number of years now and these are volunteers that come from Canada, Mozambique, Germany, just to name a few. They all come with fresh and exciting perspectives on how to make South Africa better but what they do not anticipate is that South African people’s way of life is not much different to the lives they lead in the countries they come from, and that is a Cultural Shock that mostly all of them go home with. The volunteers that Volunteer Center hosts are either students on an internship program or doing a civil duty as per their educational courses; and some of the volunteers are those that are still finding their feet in life and want to “find their true purpose and calling” before making any hard decisions.
As you read on you will find out that South Africa has a lot to offer then there is to help, but a helping hand is still greatly needed even if you are advantaged, and that is the minority of the people you will meet in South Africa.

Following are a few places that the students from the University of Ottawa have suggested are a must visit on your stay in South Africa and the statements that they have made…