International Volunteers Day - 5 December 2009 "Volunteering for the Planet"

This year International Volunteers Day was celebrated 2 days before the start of the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP15) held in Copenhagen from 7 - 18 December 2009.

The conference will engage and discuss the pending climate change, it's effects and the collective action of countries toward a green globe. All global citizens are encouraged to volunteer an hour or more in a powerful demonstration of solidarity toward volunteering for our planet.

Ms Connie Hedegaard, Minister of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen 2009 had shared her thoughts on the Climate Thinkers Blog: "There are moments in history where the world can choose to go down different paths. The COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen is one of those defining moments: We can choose to down the road towards green prosperity and a more sustainable future, or we can choose a pathway to stalemate and do nothing about climate change leaving an enormous bill for our kids and grand-kids to pay. It really isn't that hard a choice."

Volunteer Centre supports all volunteer efforts in "Volunteering for our Planet" as a call for action to all people in all communities across our planet.

The UN has encouraged all to volunteer at least one hour toward the sustainability of our planet between June - December 2009. Volunteer Centre staff enthusiastically participated in this call to action by volunteering at Zandvlei Nature Reserve, Cape Town.

Volunteer Centre continues to provide volunteering opportunities to all peopl interested in making the much needede difference in our communities...and planet!