The Intergenerational “Women of All Seasons”

The Volunteer Centre in partnership with Department of Social Services have enjoyed a fruitful Intergenerational Project since 2005.


The Intergenerational Program provides a platform for youth and seniors to exchange skills and wisdom through activities such as arts & crafts, field excursions and recording rich stories of heritage and days gone by.

Woman’s Day is commemorated as a special day of celebration on the calendar of events for the Intergeneration Program. Women are seen as the heart of the community and due to their great contribution to volunteerism, we celebrate them on Woman’s Day. Throughout the history of South Africa, we have seen remarkable women take a stand for change in the community by offering their time or skills to causes.  Today women are still contributing effortlessly by investing positively to the hope of better opportunities to their children, family and community.


We salute women who are sharing their lives and imparting their value and worth in their communities. This year our theme is “Women of All Seasons”. It is true that woman go through many seasons in their lives, seasons of plenty and seasons of scarcity, yet through it all, they are willing to give and willing to learn new things. One such woman is Charlotte Dick or fondly known as Aunty Charlotte. Aunty Charlotte has been a member at Mitchell’s Plain Service Centre in Portlands for the past three years. Auntie Charlotte has enjoyed participating in the Intergenerational Program.


She especially enjoyed participating in the beading crafts activity. She felt that as a senior she was involved in something positive, where youth also had the opportunity to join in. Aunty Charlotte says that in her community, the streets are full of youth who are not “using their time positively”. At the service centre, youth and seniors have a great opportunity to work together and spend time bridging the generation gap. “As a senior in the community, it always uplifts my heart to see young people involved in good things and not bad things on the street. They are the leaders of tomorrow. We had our chance.” says Aunty Charlotte. “Through the Intergenerational Program, I have a chance to learn something new.” she continues. 



Intergen Seniors play a pivotal role in sharing wisdom with youth. Intergenerational Program facilitates the importance of bridging this exchange. Volunteer Centre in partnership with the Department of Social Services will commemorate our “Women of All Seasons” in the Intergenerational Program as they continue to share their wisdom which is of great value to our younger generation.For more information please contact Phamela  at (021) 674 5338.

Aunty Charlotte