How To Grow

1. With a trowel, dig a hole in the earth

2. Place the seed in the hole.

3. Replace the soil into the hole, while packing it firmly.

4. Water the soil until visibly. Water daily.

5. Enjoy fruits of labour


Trusting yourself into the complete unknown is terrifying yet exhilarating. Initially, the notion of leaving home and family, your comfortable burrow, seems all too frightening and arduous. However, you, along the other members of team SANACA, leave your nest and are now brothers and sisters. And the pack that you haul around is now your home. This new nomadic lifestyle is viable because you invest trust, honesty, compassion and laughter into it and others follow suit.


You are on the Sunshine Coast to learn and laugh and listen and share your perspective and love with your siblings. This family tree depends on love and care devoted to the seed. Like nutrients, the experiences are absorbed by thirsty roots; growth is unseen but indicated by the rings and knots of its maturation. The beauty of the aging tree demonstrates the intertwined closeness of your family.


Like every knot and every ring and every root of a tree, the experiences characterize the SANACA family. Growth, for people and trees alike, relies on the strengthening from the ground up.


From the Ground Up

By: Dan-Tam Nguyen