Host family experience having volunteers in their home

By Jack and Alma Anslow, Canada

We both found the experience with the volunteers very beneficial especially the contact with our grandchildren. We had the opportunity to have many of the group at our house on several occasions, in most cases with other members of our family. We found Lebo a joy to have living with us. She was always willing to share her experiences in Sooke and the other contacts she had while she was here.

Both the girls we hosted and the two workplace volunteers attended the Sooke Meals on Wheels (MOW) annual general meeting where they made a very good impression on the MOW volunteers. Lebo invited the MOW volunteers to attend the CWY fund raising dinner and many attended.

Marios and Wanga were the workplace volunteers with MOW, They worked with five different crews during the three months, I believe they learned a lot as the last time they worked with our crew they were able to plan and cook all the meals for our 23 clients. All the crew leaders appreciated their assistance.

Host Family Canada