First Impressions

 I came here with intentions, with a reason. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into, but I knew for a fact that  I will thoroughly enjoy myself. As the plane lands in Vancouver Airport, my ears depressurized and my last breathe of relief finally came. I was scared, I felt trespasser, especially when going through customs. I was really tired at this point and going through customs was not my idea of starting this journey. As we got our luggage, some CWY representatives met and greeted us with the most welcoming of smiles. They gave us time to phone our relatives while waiting for the bus. As we drove through greater Vancouver my eyes felt heavy, my body felt helpless and I must have dozed off for about 5 minutes when a bump in the road woke me up. Highways, north, south, east and west were all new to me, confusion suddenly set in. The bus driver got lost for some reason but soon found the place afterwards. Already tired, and suffering from jet lag, haven’t had proper food for three days and no clean clothing, I slowly removed my luggage  from the bus where the Canadian participants greeted us with a song which to be quite honest, I wasn’t in the mood for. My first impressions of Canada had to be that I thought that the Canadian participants were all a bunch of hippies (Sorry guys), I asked myself where all the people of “colour” were and for some reason I could feel that I was in a first world country. I can truly say that I will miss Canada and its people and I hope that we as human beings will all do something (even if its small) to change the world in the most positive way possible.                       

BY: Farhad FredricksAKA: “The Farhard"