The experiences and stories of our volunteers!

Nazeem Dudley is 28 years old. He started doing volunteering at the young age of 16 years. His first volunteer tasks was at Lentegeur Hospital and he still volunteers at the Volunteer Centre Mitchell's Plain satellite office. This was where he found out about the 9 month volunteer program to Poland presented by International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE). Nazeem volunteered at Mlodziezowy Osrodek Socjoterapii "Jedrus" Centre in Poland. It is a boarding school for children coming from dysfunctional families.

There are about 115 children between the age of 7 - 15 yrs. Nazeem's volunteer tasks including playing sport with the children. There was a great opportunity for Nazeem to share information on South Africa with the children is the form of discussions and talks. "People don't know much about South Africa in Poland and it was great to be able to share about my country." says Nazeem. "It was difficult at first because I found that Polish people are very private and to themselves and in Cape Town, we'll easily greet people on the street in passing by. I guess that's what I appreciated most about being South African."