Environmental Issues!!!

"REMEMBER WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE THE WORLD, SO ALWAYS MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVOURS". I’m very proud to call myself a Namibian and being part of the Canada World Youth (2006=2007). Coming from a small country, about the size of Pakistan and not knowing much about the environment I live in. I was really amazed at the behavior North Americans have for their environment. I’d like to express my feelings and thoughts towards environmental issues affecting BC as a whole. As I said, coming out to Canada I didn’t have a clue what I was coming too. But boy!!! Am I happy to have been here…? Observing and hearing how environmental issues are affecting BC in many ways. Here I found out about logging, a word I never heard in my life. Its generating income for BC and it’s sold to produce revenues outside of the country as well. In this wonderful region of Canada, which is by far the warmest, I’ve heard.The Canadians are really trying hard to protect their environment, which is very interesting. There are environmentalists attempting to protect their flora and fauna. There are many types of logging in Canada, such as selective and clear-cutting. But people are trying to find a healthy balance between the two extremes. And for me it’s something that benefits, both the construction and trade sectors. From my perspective…at the same time their use of wood for a lot of things, e.g. houses, art, furnisher and pens. Some people are really attentive to and protective of their environment. Going home now, and not stepping on an ant, is going to be an achievement for me really!! I never thought of trees, breathing and living with us day by day. But by coming to Canada, well that has really changed the way of thinking for me now. There is a saying “A mind once expanded can never return to its original shape and way of thinking “and for me that has happened. In the country I come from. I just know there is an environment and people honestly are not much in touch with it. Because it is regulated by the Ministry of environment and tourism…so my observation from BC point of view is, well done Canadians and keep up with what you are going. Keeping anti-environmentalists off the ground!!!!With that I end my 1st phase in Canada, and thank everyone of SANACA team.


by: Margaret Eksteen