Did you know that volunteers have rights?

The right to:

   Be protected against discrimination.
   Be recognized and acknowledged as individuals, with 
      individual skills and talents. 
   Be provided with a safe and healthy workplace.
   Be able to participate in an orientation process and             
      training to enable them to carry out  their work.
   Be trusted and supported in their work.
   Be provided with written task descriptions.
   Be provided with ongoing professional development to build 
      their skills   so that they can do their task better.
   Be able to participate in the decision-making of your 
   Be able to participate in the planning, monitoring and 
      evaluation of their work area.
   Be able to know the limits of their authority and the 
      areas in which they can make decisions without 
      having to refer to paid staff.
   Be challenged and provided with opportunities for growth  
      by having their work performance regularly appraised.
   Constructive feedback about their work performance.
   Be thanked and acknowledged for their contributions.