Canada World Youth Calgary-Athlone Women's Exchange 2009-2010

Hello Everybody!

It's been a long time in coming, but it's finally here; our Newsletter from Calgary to our future families, friends and co-workers in Athlone!

After the first several weeks, the group has settled into a routine that seems to be working really well.  Friendships have formed and bonds have been created. It's safe to say that we've all learned a lot about our community, families and ourselves since we all arrived here in Calgary. Not to forget all that we've been learning about our counter-parts.

We have a diverse group with many talents, hopes, dreams and much knowledge. We have eight girls from all over Cape Town, one from Kenya and nine from all across Canada. Our Project Supervisors, Shameema Williams and Jackie Dowling, have been excellent and supportive.

Whardah Wentzel and Tanya Gagne have the best host family. Angelo (Dad), Sharon (Mom), Michelle (big sister), Anthony (brother) and part of the family. They took us out to explore Calgary and many other things including Tae Kwon Do. Whardah's volunteer placement is changing for the best. She is looking forward to finally meeting the children and helping them with their homework. Tanya's work-placement is really interesting and she enjoys working at the school or youth at risk. The will be doing a bottle drive to fundraise for the Dare to Remember campaign in Calgary. Whardah will be giving up sugar for a whole week and Tanya will be helping out with another dare.


Teleah Old & Taryn de Jongh - Salute to all in Cape Town, we are doing well and are enjoying our stay with our host family (our host mom Carla and host brother Tayton in South West Calgary, Canada). I (Taryn) thoroughly enjoy what I do at my volunteer placement which is Prospect and Studio C. I work with mentally and physically disabled people/clients and help to facilitate art and film classes. I love my job and hope to be learning even more as time goes by. My name is Teleah Old, I am from Prince George, British Columbia. I am volunteering here in Calgary at the Aborigional Friendship Centre. I am really looking forward to visiting Cape Town!


We're Chanelle Boesak from Cape Town and Josianne Peasant-Loyer from Quebec. We have a great relationship...communicate alot, have a great understanding and very respectful. We are very easy to get along with. Josianne is a Social Worker and I'm a Community Worker. We are very outgoing. Josianne volunteers at a Women's Centre and Chanelle at a Learning Centre. We are both looking forward to coming to SA!


We're Bernice Jacobs and Melissa Charenko from Eerste River, South Africa and Toronto, Ontario. We both really enjoy eating and have seen alot of Alberta with our host family.  We've gone on many hikes in the mountains, searched for dinosaurs in the badlands and gone orienteering for the first time. Bernice usually prefers being indoors and loves watching TV. She prefers summer and not how cold it has gotten in Calgary. Melissa love to skate so she doesn't mind the temperature as much. She also really loves the mountains when they're snow-capped. When not exploring Alberta, Bernice works at the university's radio station and Melissa works with adults with developmental disabilities. They're both enjoying these volunteer placements.

Hello from Lara Ewanchuk and Carla Gonsalves. We are from two different countries, but have found many similarities and getting along great! Lara is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Carla is from Zeekoevlei, Cape Town. So far we have enjoyed experiencing  Banff and lake Louise, getting lost on Calgary transit, and sharing our traditional foods with our host family. Lara has been volunteering at an Immigrant and Refugee pre-school, and Carla has been volunteering at the University radio station (CJSW) and Spoken Word, which is a poetry group. We are looking forward to leaving the cold weather for the beach. Hello Cape Town!


Ncumisa Mlotywa of Cape Town, South Africa and Echo Fettes of Regina, Saskatchewan are enjoying their Canada World Youth experience in Calgary, Alberta. They live with a wonderful host family where they talk, laugh and eat a lot! Family activities include spending time with their host's many friends and extended family, attending church, and entertaining (and being entertained) by their energetic three year old host brother. Echo and Misa will be sad to say good-bye to their lovely Calgarian family, but are also looking foward to meeting their future host family in Athlone.


Sarah Forget and Ilham Smiley Kagee, two funny characters, that were two complete strangers to each other, were dropped in a huge city in Canada. They were obligated to live together in a Calgarian home. By chance, their minds were on the same level: easy going, hardworking and the house lived by tall people wasn't as scary as it first looked. They are both growing together as one leader and inviting the experience to continue. And so are the days of their lives.